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Hook Wrench

Hook wrench function is assembling the lock nuts from sleeves. Hook wrenches are used to tighten, loosen, or hold machinery components that are round but also notched or multi-faceted, such as lock nuts and pipe fittings.

Whether a hook wrench's head or hook, is fixed in place or adjustable, the inner side of its curve usually ends in a small, downward-pointing tooth or claw. As the wrench is turned, the tooth prevents the head from slipping out of place, allowing the user to adjust the part quickly and efficiently. Due to the fact that it is available in a range of different sizes that can be used to adjust parts under varying circumferences.


AN00-01, AN02-03, AN04, AN05, AN06, AN07, AN08-09, AN10-11, AN12-13-14, AN15, AN16-17, AN18-19-20, AN21-22, AN24-26, AN28-30

Hook Wrench Spanner

Function : Assembling the Lock nuts from Sleeve.

Nut itemDimension OD x ODLengthUnit Weight
AN00-01Hook Wrench 16 x 20110 m/mpiece0.025
AN02-03Hook Wrench 25 x 28136 m/mpiece0.045
AN04Hook Wrench 30 x 32136 m/mpiece0.050
AN05Hook Wrench 36 x 40170 m/mpiece0.100
AN06Hook Wrench 45 x 50205 m/mpiece0.155
AN07Hook Wrench 52 x 55205 m/mpiece0.160
AN08-09Hook Wrench 58 x 65242 m/mpiece0.255
AN10-11Hook Wrench 68 x 75242 m/mpiece0.255
AN12-13-14Hook Wrench 80 x 90280 m/mpiece0.385
AN15Hook Wrench 95 x 100280 m/mpiece0.410
AN16-17Hook Wrench 110 x 115335 m/mpiece0.720
AN18-19-20Hook Wrench 120 x 130335 m/mpiece0.745
AN21-22Hook Wrench 135 x 145385 m/mpiece0.965
AN24-26Hook Wrench 156 x 165385 m/mpiece1.000
AN28-30Hook Wrench 180 x 195470 m/mpiece1.580
Spec. of Hook Wrench
Spec. of Hook Wrench

Spec. of AN00-01, AN02-03, AN04, AN05, AN06, AN07, AN08-09, AN10-11, AN12-13-14, AN15, AN16-17, AN18-19-20, AN21-22, AN24-26, AN28-30


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