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Inch Lock Nut / We are not only produce quality bearing sleeve parts but also customize adapter sleeves per requirement.

N-00 (TN00) Inch Lock Nut - Inch Lock Nut
  • N-00 (TN00) Inch Lock Nut - Inch Lock Nut

N-00 (TN00) Inch Lock Nut

Professional and well-experienced manufacturer of Inch Bearing Lock Nuts with "CS" Brand. We are the finest quality Inch Bearing Lock Nuts manufacturer and a famous Inch Bearing Lock Nuts exporter in Taiwan, supplying Inch Bearing Lock Nuts to all over the world. Bearing lock nuts are used to locate bearings onto a shaft. Additionally, they can be used to mount bearings with a tapered bore onto tapered shaft seats and adapter sleeves and to dismount bearings from withdrawal sleeves. Lock nuts are also frequently used to secure gears, belt pulleys, and other machine components.

Locking nuts with integral locking reduce the cost of the shaft as no keyway is required. Installation is quicker and easier because no separate locking device is necessary. Chin Hsing manufactures the finest quality of bearing lock nut with durable life cycles.


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N-00 (TN 00) Inch Lock Nuts Drawing

Lock Nut Dimensions (Inches) - N-00 / TN-00
Lock Nut Number.Threads (t)OutsideFaceNut Width D max.Slot
Major Dia.No. perDiameterDiameterWidthDepth
N-00 0.391320.7550.6250.229 0.1200.073
N-01 0.469320.8800.7190.323 0.1200.073
N-02 0.586321.0050.8130.323 0.1200.104
N-03 0.664321.1300.9380.354 0.1200.104
N-04 0.781321.3801.1250.385 0.1780.104
N-05 0.969321.5681.2810.416 0.1780.104
N-06 1.173181.7551.5000.416 0.1780.104
N-07 TN-071.376182.0681.8130.4480.4480.1780.104
N-08 TN-081.563182.2552.0000.4480.4480.2400.104
N-09 TN-091.767182.5362.2810.4480.4480.2400.104
N-10 TN-101.967182.6932.4380.5100.5100.2400.104
N-11 TN-112.157182.9742.6560.5100.5100.2400.135
N-12 TN-122.360183.1612.8440.5410.5410.2400.135
N-13 TN-132.548183.3803.0630.5730.5730.2400.135
N-14 TN-142.751183.6303.3130.5730.5730.2400.135
AN-15 TAN-152.933123.8803.5630.6040.6040.3600.135
AN-16 TAN-163.137124.1613.8440.6040.6040.3600.135
AN-17 TAN-173.340124.4114.0310.6350.6350.3600.166
AN-18 TAN-183.527124.6614.2810.6980.6980.3600.166
AN-19 TAN-193.730124.9434.5630.7290.7290.3600.166
AN-20 TAN-203.918125.1934.8130.7600.7600.3600.166
AN-21 TAN-214.122125.4435.0000.7600.7600.4850.198
AN-22 TAN-224.325125.7245.2810.7910.7910.4850.198
AN-24 TAN-244.716126.1305.6880.8230.8230.4850.198
AN-28 TAN-1285.497127.0996.5310.9481.1980.6100.260
AN-30 TAN-1305.888127.6937.0630.9791.2600.6100.291
AN-32 TAN-1326.28488.0687.4381.0411.2910.6100.291
AN-34 TAN-1346.65988.6618.0311.0731.3540.6100.291
AN-38 TAN-1387.47289.4748.7811.1351.4160.7350.323
AN-40 TAN-1407.84789.8499.1561.1981.5100.7350.323
N-44 8.628811.0059.8431.260 0.9800.510
Spec. of N-00 (TN 00)
Spec. of N-00 (TN 00)

Spec. of N-00, N-01, N-02, N-03, N-04, N-05, N-06, N-07, N-08, N-09, N-10, N-11, N-12, N-13, N-14, AN-15, AN-16, AN-17, AN-18, AN-19, AN-20, AN-21, AN-22,...


N-00 (TN00) Inch Lock Nut - Inch Lock Nut | Taiwan-Based Bearing Sleeve Parts Manufacturer For 30 Years | Chin Hsing Precision Industry Co., Ltd

Located in Taiwan since 1990, Chin Hsing Precison Industry Co. , LTD has been a bearing adapter sleeves manufacturer in Other metal-related manufacturing industries. Their main products, including N-00 (TN00) Inch Lock Nut, Adapter Sleeves, Lock Nuts, Lock Washers, Withdrawal Sleeves, GUK, Linear Guide and Ball Screws, which meet RoHS, REACH and Taiwan SGS certification standards. CS is a master in manufacturing bearing adapter sleeves, hydraulic adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves, hydraulic withdrawal sleeves, etc

Chin Hsing is a professional manufacturer of Bearing Adapter Sleeves, Hydraulic adapter sleeves, Withdrawal Sleeves, Hydraulic Withdrawal Sleeves, GUK Self-Lock Nuts, Inch Lock Nuts/Lock Washers, Metric Lock Nuts/Washers, Prevailing torque bearing nut with metal insert, Lock Plates, Safety Bearing Nuts, Pillow Block, Seat and Bearing House, self-lubricating Brass Bushing, Ceramic Ball Bearing, Linear Guide, Ball Screw, etc. Our products are manufactured in Taiwan.

CS has been offering customers high-quality bearing adapter sleeves since 1990, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, CS ensures each customer's demands are met.